CPPA Unconventional Book Club

Date: Sept 23, 2020

We are very excited about our next book club! You have voted and the winning book is…

Learned Hopefulness, by Dan Tomasulo

Join us for The CPPA Unconventional Bookclub with Andrea Seydel, avid reader, book doula, positive psychology practitioner, and certified life coach, for an unconventional approach to reading books as a community! Take a deep dive into the world of positive psychology coaching as Andrea teaches, highlights, and offers in-depth opportunity for application of the key concepts in each book. 

What you should expect at the Book Club:

  • Andrea Seydel will host the Bookclub online through Zoom
  • Present the Voted Book relating to self-health/well-being/positive psychology
  • A discussion of the key concepts and learning opportunities
  • You will be provided with a mind-map PDF summary of the book
  • Creative fun interactive lively discussion to encourage positive change
  • Exercises and breakout group discussion so we can turn the knowledge into action!
  • Whether you read the book or simply show up for the discussion, everyone is welcome… no need to read!! No pressure!!

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