New Volunteer Opportunities

CPPA is rapidly rebuilding. We have several new board members with a strong mixture of experience and knowledge in organizational growth and positive psychology. Exciting new events and activities are being planned and under way.

We are planning to grow a community of volunteers so volunteers are not only asked to give of their time but in return receive the benefits of personal and professional development as well being part of an active strong community within the organization.

We require dedication and commitment from our volunteers but the payback is rich with that sense of purpose and a true sense of being part of this organization’s growth.

Why Volunteer?

We are committed to providing meaningful and rewarding volunteer opportunities helping you grow and use your talents and strengths in a mutually satisfying environment. Whether you are starting your career, or are a seasoned professional, CPPA provides a great environment for you to flourish

Who should apply to be a CPPA Volunteer? 

      • You gravitate towards the importance of psychological well-being and would like to learn more about how positive psychology principles can be applied to increase well-being

      • You would like to be part of a team of likeminded individuals who see the value of giving back through volunteerism

      • You would like to be part of a purpose driven organization focused on psychological well-being

      • You have a growth mindset and can-do approach

    CPPA is seeking passionate, committed volunteers to share their talents with CPPA in the following roles:

    2024 Canadian Workplace Well-Being Awards Volunteer Committee Members

    The mandate of the Canadian Workplace Well-Being Awards (CWWA), now in its fourth year, is to recognize and celebrate outstanding achievements in workplace well-being practices. Organizations across Canada are invited to participate and share their initiatives by submitting an online application. 

    The CWWA is led by the Canadian Positive Psychology Association which promotes the practice of positive psychology and acknowledges that employee well-being initiatives that leverage the principles of positive psychology yield significant impacts on employees’ level of happiness and psychological well-being.

    The following REMOTE roles are available for individuals excited to support workplace well-being: 

    Manager 2024 Canadian Workplace Well-Being Awards Ceremony

    Reporting to the Chair of of the Canadian Workplace Well-Being Awards, you love planning and acting a facilitator for events. You are excited about organizing an inspirational event highlighting 2024 CWWA winners, their initiatives and their leadership for the event to be held in the Fall of 2024. You will be part of the CWWA Committee and will have the assistance of team members.

    Manager Special Event Sponsorship – 2024 Canadian Workplace Well-Being Awards

    Reporting to the Chair of the Canadian Workplace Well-Being Awards, you are excited about workplace well-being and attracting sponsors for the Canadian Workplace Well-Being Awards. You will identify and contact like-minded corporations or foundations interested in supporting this important initiative. You will be part of the CWWA Committee and will have the assistance of team members.

    Marketing Lead – 2024 Canadian Workplace Well-Being Awards

    The Marketing Lead, performs various activities aimed at increasing awareness and promoting the Canadian Workplace Well-Being Awards and attracting applicants. Supports the Canadian Workplace Well-Being Committee in the effective launch of the awards and the promotion of the Virtual Awards Celebration Event. Using creativity and positive mindset, the incumbent will utilize their skills and strengths where needed to support the mission and vision of the CWWA committee and achieve its goals.

    Graphic Designer – 2024 Workplace Well-Being Awards

    Reporting to the Marketing Lead for the Awards, develops graphic material including social media posts aimed at increasing awareness of workplace well-being and promoting the Canadian Workplace Well-Being Awards.

    There may be other roles available. Contact us to find out.

    CPPA Positions:

    Board Positions

    CPPA is seeking passionate, committed volunteers to share their talents with CPPA as a board member and participate in the strategic direction and operations of the Association.

    As a member of the Canadian Positive Psychology Board, you will perform the governance duties of a board member, enabling the achievement of the CPPA’s mission and strategic plan along with providing direct leadership on the execution of tasks within your portfolio.  The following key roles are available for individuals with a strong interest and knowledge of positive psychology:

    Board Secretary

    Working in collaboration with the CPPA Founder and President, you will oversee the effective functioning of board governance in relation to CPPA bylaws and prepare minutes of monthly board zoom meetings. As custodian of the CPPA’s records as a non-profit organization, you will ensure the safekeeping of official documents and board records.

    Director Fund Development

    You will provide leadership in sourcing and securing grant funding for current and future projects to support the CPPA mission and initiatives. This will include researching possible funding sources, preparing proposals, gathering the necessary documentation, meeting the deadlines for grants and ensuring that the CPPA is meeting the requirements of funding bodies.

    Director Member Engagement

    The Director Member Engagement leads the development, implementation and evaluation of CPPA membership growth strategies. You will be responsible for designing and implementing and executing the CPPA’s membership growth and retention strategy aligned with the organization’s strategic plan and mission.

    French Translator

    Working with our communications and marketing team lead or in collaboration with other project leads for on various initiatives, you will provide professional English to French translations and adaptations of external communications, web pages and other CPPA communications.

    Graphic Designer

    Working under the Communications and Marketing Lead, the primary role of the Volunteer Graphic Designer is to develop graphics to promote Positive Psychology and the Canadian Positive Psychology Association (CPPA) in the online space.

    Marketing and Communications Volunteers for both long term and short term positions who are knowledgeable about positive psychology and who are also skilled in graphic design, blog writing, social media and other marketing skills.

    Event Planning Volunteers for virtual and onsite events If you enjoy and are skilled in event coordination logistics such as registration, speaker management, online management, poster presentation coordination, PERMA activities (online and live), audiovisual and social media. We will have a number of roles we are looking to fill.

    If you are interested in learning more about these positions, or learning more about how you can assist CPPA, please email

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