The Career Challenge Mindset

Date: October 13th 2020

Presenter: Nicola Edwards


Our current career system where we pick one thing to do for the rest of our lives is broken. In fact, one job title for life is not feasible anymore. We need a new system that focuses on meaning through solving problems, tackling challenges, and creating opportunities. I would like to show you a tool that facilitates these conversations, the results of which foster feelings of hope, increased ability to handle change, and intrinsic motivation.


Nicola Edwards is a Flourishing Centre CAPP and APPC graduate and is currently working on a Master’s in leadership at the University of Guelph’s Lang School of Business. She is a career advisor and coach with the Experiential Learning Hub at the University of Guelph as well as a career coach at Her mission is to support students and clients in understanding their strengths while helping them discover their unique pathway to meaningful work.

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