Take2Minutes For Happiness

Date: 07 July 2020

Presenters: Marc S. Fussell and Matt Zemon

All of us in the Canadian Positive Psychology Association know that it takes just a few minutes a day of practice to refocus our attention on the positive. During this interactive webinar we will explore an innovative, text-based tool that offers short, evidence-based exercises for free.

The team that developed this tool worked closely with Dr. Bryan Sexton at Duke University, a resilience expert who has over 28,000 participants in his various positive psychology studies. His 2019 paper published in The BMJ had the 3 Good Things exercise testing 490% more effective than SSRI inhibitors.

During this interactive webinar, the Take2Minutes team will discuss some of the research, demonstrate their tools, and offer ways for academics, companies, and participants to get involved.

Marc S. Fussell: Lead Developer of Happiness

Marc has 25 years of technology experience in many roles and also practices yoga and meditation. Beginning in 2012, each morning while dropping his son off at school, Marc told his son, “Love love love love love; it is all about love” and gave his son a positive message. A few years later, Marc took the first steps for what is now Take2Minutes when he wrote a script to send positive messages out each day to a handful of recipients. That script eventually became the first version of Take2Minutes.

Matt Zemon: Lead Promoter of Happiness

Matt brings 20 years of executive leadership experience to Take2Minutes and also practices meditation, journaling. He truly believes in the good things that can come from the activities being developed by Take2Minutes.

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