Announcing the winner of The Canadian Workplace Well-Being Awards

Watch the Award Ceremony & Panel Discussion

At the virtual Award Ceremony on November 4, 2021, a panel of prominent well-being leaders discussed best practices that notably improve employee well-being, engagement, and happiness in the workplace.

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Congratulations to Sklar Wilton & Associates!

Workplace well-being has increasingly become a top priority for organizations. The Canadian Workplace Well-Being Awards (CWWA), presented by the Canadian Positive Psychology Association (CPPA), aim to feature and celebrate Canadian organizations that are going the extra mile to nurture the mental health and well-being of their employees with excellent workplace well-being initiatives. Application for CWWA 2021 closed in August.

After months of deliberation by the well-being experts on our judging panel, we are thrilled to announce the winner of this year’s Canadian Workplace Well-being Award: Sklar Wilton & Associates!

Sklar Wilton & Associates is a leading strategy and insights advisory firm that helps CEOs, CMOs, and marketing teams solve tough business challenges to unlock growth and build stronger brands. 

Their Canada-wide initiative designed to support healthy minds at work, called Headway, was inspired by their founder, Luke Sklar, who they sadly lost to depression. Designed to fuel a movement and inspire action, Headway aims to help business executives increase the priority of healthy minds at work by connecting them with actionable resources from established experts in the Canadian mental health industry. 

While all of our applicants are deserving of an award for their best practices and attention to well-being, Sklar Wilton & Associates initiatives took the lead for many reasons:

  • Sklar is a fearless leader in destigmatizing mental health conversations, and has been ahead of its time as a hallmark of a caring and supportive environment.
  • Sklar’s program embodies what ‘well-being’ truly means. It focuses on the whole person and the whole system; balancing physical and psychological health.
  • Sklar has built a strong feeling of community, and family, by providing support and attention to their team. They have custom-built tools and resources to respond to individual needs, and over the years continue to build upon that foundation. 
  • Success of this program is evident in many metrics including employee engagement, low employee turnover and high levels of psychological safety.
  • Sklar not only is focused on its own associates, but they share their best practices with clients too.
  • Sklar was equally innovative during the pandemic to promote connection and restoration.

One of our judges summarised this well by noting that there is “remarkable richness to [their] program and remarkable indications of impact”. 

We have been greatly inspired by all our applicants’ stories and initiatives and will be sharing more of them on our website in the coming weeks!

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