Psychological Resilience and the Recovery from Pediatric Concussion

Speaker: Olivier Brown, PhD Student in Experimental Psychology, University of Ottawa

Host: Taylor Pigott

Concussed children and adolescents can experience a variety of somatic, emotional, cognitive, and neurophysiological symptoms. Concurrent research has identified numerous factors that are associated with the rate of recovery from pediatric concussion. Some evidence suggests that psychological resilience might impact the recovery process in concussion. This webinar will explore the potential for positive psychology on the recovery from pediatric concussion.


Olivier earned his Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a Minor in Communication at the University of Ottawa. He was a research assistant, a psychometrician, and is now on track to completing his Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology. Olivier’s research uses various brain imaging techniques to investigate resilience and how it might be implicated in the neurophysiological recovery from pediatric concussion.

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