How to have more powerful conversations with Haesun Moon PhD

When Haesun Moon PhD, communications scientist, told us she was writing a book about how to have more powerful conversations, we knew we had to interview her about it. Language is a powerful tool that can unite, engage, and move people to action. It’s all in what you choose to say, and how you say it. Haesun’s book, Coaching A to Z: The Extraordinary Use of Ordinary Words is an indispensable guide for coaching mastery.

In this practical, accessible guide to having more powerful conversations, Haesun offers a set of powerful words or phrases—one for every letter of the alphabet—to help you move others toward greater purpose and accomplishment. Based on her extensive research with the University of Toronto and Harvard Medical School, Haesun shows you how to apply each of these concepts to transform the way you relate to others and empower them to strive for and achieve better outcomes. Each entry includes an inspiring real-life example, and reflection questions to help you put it into action in your own life and in the lives of people around you. 

Whether you’re a leader in business, education, healthcare, the public or non-profit sector—or even in your family—the ability to coach others and support them in achieving their goals is an essential skill to master. In this interview, Louisa Jewell, CPPA President, talks to Haesun about key insights from the book. Listen in!

Purchase Coaching A to Z: The Extraordinary Use of Ordinary Words here.

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