The Science of Kindness with Louis Alloro

Louisa Jewell, CPPA president, had the pleasure of interviewing Louis Alloro, positive psychology practitioner, about his new book, Live Kind, Be Happy, co-authored with Celeste DiMilla, psychotherapist.

The book is a fantastic compilation of the research on how kindness contributes to wellbeing, happiness and good health.We all know that being kind can improve other people’s lives in countless ways. But did you know that when you are generous and thoughtful, you begin achieving happiness in your own life and create a “ripple effect” that inspires the world to be nicer?

The book is filled with tested and practical tips, ideas and practices that make it simple for you to live kind and create lasting and impactful change in your life and beyond. Listen in as Louisa and Louis discuss highlights from this very engaging book. 

You can purchase Live Kind, Be Happy here.

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