Writing a book with Kathryn Britton

Is writing a book on your bucket list? Over the next few weeks Louisa Jewell, CPPA President, will be interviewing experts to help you write, publish and market a book.

Our first interview in our series is with Kathryn Britton, Writing Coach, and author of Sit, Write, Share; Practical Writing Strategies to Transform Your Experience into Content that Matters. In this interview Kathryn offers strategies for getting motivated to sit and write, writing well and sharing your writing with others. Watch the interview now. 

Watch the interview here

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More about the book: 

Nobody is born knowing how to write. Like any skill, writing improves with deliberate practice and attention. With growing skill often comes heightened enjoyment. Kathryn’s book will help you develop writing skills so you can share your message. There is no single writing recipe that works for everybody, but successful writers rely on common ingredients. You can play with the experiments in this book to find what works for you.  

· 13 Sit experiments will help you get your writing started, defeat gremlins, build habits, and find inspiration.

· 26 Write experiments will help you imagine your message, create a rough draft, and then edit in phases until your polished version emerges.

· 16 Share experiments will help you get support, publish, and spread your message to those who need it.

This book will help you build your own unique writing practice.

To buy Kathryn’s book for $0.99, purchase the Kindle edition today (April 28th) at this link. Don’t miss it out!

Also check out Kathryn’s website and free workbook here.

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