CPPA Student Ambassador Opportunity

Position Title: CPPA Student Ambassador Development Facilitator

Effective: Immediately

Volunteer Time Commitment: The position will involve 3-5 hours per week with more time allocated when the group is active and in the fall and winter and very little time in the summer.

Position Summary
Reporting to the Manager of Volunteer Engagement, You will play an important role in facilitating the development and growth of the CPPA‌ ‌Student‌ ‌Ambassador‌ Program, a student-led platform designed to engage increasing numbers of university students across Canada (no matter what subject they are studying) in the science and practice of Positive Psychology and its research-based applications and to promote the mission and value of the Canadian Positive Psychology Association across the country and around the world.

Principal Duties
Empower the leads of CPPA Student Ambassador Program grow the CPPA Student Ambassador Program across Canada according to the mission vision and values established by the students, while still upholding the key mission, vision, values and branding guidelines of CPPA. Guide the leads as they facilitate the growth and development of the program. Provide guidance to the leads on the planning of existing projects and new initiatives. Liaise with the CPPA Board of Directors to have new initiatives reviewed and obtain feedback/approval.
Ensure that the leads plan and execute strategies to ensure succession planning and continued growth
of the program. Actively participate in the Student Ambassador Core Team meetings, assignment of tasks and
accountability updates Develop a succession plan for your position to create a seamless transition in leadership

● Postgraduate education in Positive Psychology or a related field with in-depth experience empowering and growing student associations and teams
● Experienced in the marketing and communications skills needed to grow community engagement
● Proven experience in helping students and/or volunteers to grow professionally through the challenges of achieving their own goals within the context of a larger organization
● Experienced in the principles of community engagement
● Excellent verbal and written communications skills
● Previous board experience is an asset

This is a remote volunteer position with regularly scheduled zoom meetings
Interested? Please send an email to volunteers@nullcppa.ca

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