Leadership Equanimity: The New Super Skill for Leaders

Louisa Jewell, CPPA President, interviews Dr. Jennifer Card, Organizational Psychologist, about her new book Leadership Equanimity: The New Super Skill for Leaders. Leaders face unprecedented levels of uncertainty, complexity, and global challenges. Uncertainty can produce stress, and prolonged stress can lead to burnout. In this book, Dr. Card equips leaders with strategies on how to proactively increase their wellbeing and neutralize stress with the super skill of equanimity which can help them to renew their energy, avoid burnout, and thrive through uncertainty. 

More about Dr. Jennifer Card: 

Doctor Jennifer card is a leadership consultant executive coach and CEO of EQ at HQ consulting. Jennifer holds a doctorate in Organizational Leadership Psychology (Psy.D.), a Master of Science in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology and is accredited with a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation. Jennifer applies her passion for positive psychology and metacognition (thinking about the way in which we think) to leader, team and enterprise consulting. She believes that a flourishing enterprise is built upon authentic collaboration in which people are empowered and have the know how to show up as their best self. In addition, Jennifer believes that equanimity is a super skill of leadership.

You can read more and purchase the book here.

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