Goodbye, Perfect

Louisa Jewell, CPPA President, interviews Homaira Kabir, Women’s Leadership Development Coach, about her new book Goodbye, Perfect: How To Stop Pleasing, Proving, And Pushing For Others…And Live For Yourself. Grounded in science and filled with relatable stories, Goodbye, Perfect is an uplifting and empowering read that will help you reclaim joy, ease and self-compassion as the building blocks of a successful and meaningful life.

More about Homaira Kabir: 

Homaira Kabir is a coach, speaker, writer, and leadership development trainer whose expertise lies in helping women rise to their highest potential in a way that feels energizing and purposeful to them. She is the founder of Her Becoming, an enterprise dedicated to women’s empowerment, and leadership in all areas of their lives toward positive change in their relationships, work and indeed the world.

She has a double Master’s degree in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, and has done extensive postgraduate research on woman’s confidence and flourishing. Her work is widely published in Forbes, Happify, ThriveGlobal, the Huffington Post, Positive Psychology News Daily and more.

You can read more and purchase the book here

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