The Canadian Workplace
Well-Being Awards

Presented By
The Canadian Positive Psychology Association And
Workplace Strategies for Mental Health, Compliments of Canada Life

Congratulations to our 2023 Canadian Workplace Well-Being Award Winners:


  • Canuck Place Children’s Hospice (Vancouver, BC)
  • Creative Options Regina (Regina, SK)
  • Kids Help Phone (Toronto, ON)

Small public/private sector organizations:

  • Sklar Wilton and Associates (Toronto, ON)
  • PulseLearning (Fredericton, NB)

Large public/private sector:

  • Best Buy (Vancouver, BC)
  • Cenovus Energy (Calgary, AB)
  • Gorman Group (West Kelowna, BC)
  • TransLink (Vancouver, BC)
  • BMO (Toronto, ON)

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Recording of the 2023 CWWA Ceremony & Conversation With Winners
November 21, 2023

Thank You To Our CWWA 2023 Judges

Congratulations again to our 2022 Workplace Well-Being Award Winners:


Small – Private/Public Sector Organization – Sklar Wilton and Associates Ltd.

Large – Private/Public Sector Organization – Best Buy Canada

Nonprofit/Charity Organization – Creative Options Regina

Do You Have A Workplace Well-Being Story To Tell?

With the increase in workplace well-being needs, a number of organizations have taken the necessary steps to elicit positive change by implementing employee well-being practices. These have contributed to notable improvements in engagement, innovation, psychological safety, and productivity and more importantly – the overall health of employees. 

The Canadian Workplace Well-Being Awards are now in its third year.  We learned that there are many great workplace well-being initiatives to share. We aim to celebrate positive psychology in action and recognize the many champions of workplace well-being! This year, we have expanded the awards so that there will be multiple winners per category who exceed a benchmark score demonstrating their commitment. Our mandate is to:

  • Recognize and celebrate outstanding achievements in workplace well-being practices in Canada;
  • Curate case studies of impactful initiatives from winning organizations in several award categories and share these stories so other organizations can learn and benefit from their leadership

Why Apply?

Recognition as a Workplace Well-Being winner can:

  • Help your recruiting efforts to attract talented employees at a time of challenging competition
  • Augment and further define your employer brand as a leader in workplace well-being at a time when many employees are struggling with mental health
  • Assist with your employee retention
  • Allow you to showcase your work in creating a psychologically healthy workplace so others may follow your lead

Changing workplace culture and improving employee well-being is a daunting task and not every organization knows where to begin. If your organization is a leader in workplace well-being and you have a caring culture where your employees flourish, we want to hear from you.

What You Get as a Winner

  • Use of a unique Canadian Workplace Well-Being electronic badge to use on your website and signature line
  • Being recognized by your peers at a Virtual Event
  • Recognition on the Canadian Positive Psychology Association Website
  • Facilitated networking session for winners to showcase well-being practices
  • One complimentary Canadian Positive Psychology Association membership for one organization representative 

Award Categories

There are four award categories depending on your sector and size of organization:

  • Private and Public Sector: Small (5-99 employees)
  • Private and Public Sector: Medium (100-499 employees)
  • Private and Public Sector: Large (500 plus employees)
  • Nonprofit or Charity (any size)

Who Can Apply?

Canadian based organizations in the public and private sectors, and nonprofit/charity organizations who have been in existence more than 2 years. The well-being program must be active for more than a year.

Helpful Tips

  • Please read the 2023 Guide to Submission before completing your application for tips. The Guide is available for download in English and French
  • We recommend that you complete your application in word format and use it to complete the online application. There are sample applications in the 2023 Guide to Submission 
  • You should be able to complete your application in less than 30 minutes
  • Make sure you have your various support materials and attachments when you enter your application to provide evidence of your program activities and metrics 

Assessment of Applications

Assessment of Applications are made by a third-party jury of professionals from Canada’s Positive Psychology community, who are experienced and respected leaders in workplace well-being. Assessment by judges is based on an evaluation of pre-established criteria demonstrating commitment to creating workplace cultures, which value and promote employee psychological well-being. 

The organization can demonstrate the program by providing examples of initiatives, practices and approaches that leverage the principles of positive psychology to yield a significant impact on employee’s happiness level, engagement, and psychological well-being allowing the organization to flourish. 

Applicants must have implemented a well-being program that is beyond fitness and nutrition, and instead, addresses psychological well-being (e.g. mental, emotional, social and spiritual.)


If you’re interested in sponsorship, please contact –

Please download our CWWA 2023 Sponsorship Brochure here for more information on sponsorship opportunities. 

Improving Well-Being in the Workplace Interviews

Thought-Provoking Interview with Ian Rolston

Louisa Jewell, CPPA President, interviews Ian Rolston as part of her Improving Well-Being in the Workplace interview series. Ian is a speaker, creative analyst, design leader, and humanist. He is the Founder and global design strategist of Decanthropy – a collaborative equity design and innovation studio engaged by executive teams committed to equitable futures in both private and public sectors. 

In the interview, Ian and Louisa discuss topics such as, keeping people connected in a hybrid working environment, designing workspaces that promote well-being and productivity, and what innovative design trends companies are moving towards. 

Feedback Reimagined: The Positive Psychology-Focused Approach to Giving Feedback
Interview the Pete Berridge

Louisa Jewell, CPPA President, chats with Pete Berridge of Change Positive about the Shift Positive® Method and his book, Feedback Reimagined.

Today’s workforce says, “Coach me, don’t criticize me.” This session is an invitation to shift your mindset and introduce you to how positive psychology and building a system of support can change the feedback experience. Participants will learn the language and approach for more effective and energizing developmental feedback.

CWWA 2022

Presented By Workplace Strategies for Mental Health, Compliments of Canada Life and The Canadian Positive Psychology Association
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Thank you to our 2022 Sponsors

Hallmark Sponsor:


Bronze Sponsor:

Congratulations again to our 2022 Workplace Well-Being Award Winners

Small – Private/Public Sector Organization – Sklar Wilton and Associates Ltd.

Large – Private/Public Sector Organization – Best Buy Canada 

Nonprofit/Charity Organization – Creative Options Regina

Thank You to our 2022 Judges

Watch the Recording Below of our CWWA 2022 Award Ceremony

Enjoy the Recording Below of our CWWA Launch from June 2nd 2022

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CWWA 2021

We had an amazing launch of the 2021 CWWA program from our launch event to our award ceremony. Congratulations again to our winners Sklar Wilton & Associates! You can learn more and watch all of our recorded content from 2021 here.

According to the World Economic Forum, depression and anxiety disorders cost the global economy $1 trillion dollars every year in lost productivity and take a terrible human toll.

A recent UK survey found that almost a third 32% of adults saying they have suffered from mental health problems at work. 

Source: World Economic Forum

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