The Motivation Equation: How goals can be used to motivate ourselves (and sometimes others)

Date: January 30, 2020

Presenter: Professor Richard Koestner

Host: Rémi Thériault


In this webinar, Dr. Richard Koestner, professor of Psychology at McGill University, will explore factors that interfere with our capacity to successfully attain personal goals. After outlining common errors made in goal-setting, Dr. Koestner will describe recent research that suggests there are three little-known secrets to setting personal goals. The presentation is designed to provide practical information for use in your professional and personal lives.


Richard Koestner is a professor of Psychology at McGill University where he has conducted research on human motivation for over 30 years. Richard Koestner has published over 150 scientific articles and his recent work focuses on how to effectively select, pursue, and (sometimes) disengage from personal goals. Richard received the 2007 Canadian Psychological Association award for excellence in teaching and training. He also won Principal’s Prize for excellence in teaching from McGill University (2008).

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