Harnessing the Power of the Three Minds

March 16, 2023

We are gifted with three very powerful minds. The negative mind comes in first to protect us. It is there for our survival. Then, the positive mind arrives to project us. It is action. These are balanced by the neutral mind that bears witness to the activities of the negative and positive minds and discerns the truth. Untrained minds are like a wild elephant that can destroy an entire village, trained minds can do the work of a thousand people.
Join us to balance and train your minds to do the work of a thousand people, enhancing your creativity and wisdom. Please have a journal and pen handy, bring your breath and an open heart.

Carol Hutchison, BSc., MD., MEd., FRCS(C).
Carol works as an Orthopaedic Surgeon at the University of Calgary. Carol completed her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Waterloo, her Medical Degree at McMaster University, Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of Toronto and a Master’s in
Education at OISE, University of Toronto. She is the Assistant Dean of the Student
Advocacy and Wellness (SAW) Hub for the Cumming School of Medicine. She is
inspired working with students and supporting them to succeed as the next generation of
scientists and physicians, and in turn has been the recipient of over 30 teaching and research awards.
Carol enjoys being active outdoors, relay Ironman Triathlon with her sisters, and hiking in the mountains. Carol is grateful for the joy she receives as a Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master, teaching Yoga Teacher Training Programs for over 10 years. She recognized the power of the mind in the healing journey early in her career and has been blending the concepts of curing and healing in her clinical practice for many years.

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