Let Yourself BE journal

Louisa Jewell, CPPA President, interviews Kerri Brock, fellow CAPPster (CAPP.31) and an early member in the Canadian Positive Psychology Community. Kerri created Ophealia Grace as an archetype for feeling emotional pain on the path to healing and grace. The Let Yourself BE journal is the first book published by Ophealia Grace. 


More about Kerri Brock:

Kerri works as a Career & Life Coach, and combines her knowledge of PosPsy with her social marketing skills to design programs and interventions that support the well-being of her clients and the communities she serves.

She is the mother of an adventurous, wise, kind and soulful young woman. She is the human to a furry hound named Happy the Dog. She writes poetry, sings and dances anywhere and everywhere. Snow angels and sand angels are her silly things. 

More about the Let Yourself BE journal:

The Let Yourself BE Journal is a 30 Day Challenge using the VIA Character Strengths. The VIA framework includes 6 virtues and 24 strengths. Each virtue or strength will guide the daily activities so that you can practice BEing in your strengths and become the most integrated and aligned version of yourself.

You will notice that woven into several pages are designs that you can colour to bring about a deeper state of reflection. The act of colouring is a meditative and soothing movement. Use these artful moments to reflect on how you want to be and how you’ve been through each day.

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